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When I'm not doing work for my CS degree @ Uni of Sheffield, I'm attending hackathons all over the world or leading HackSheffield. You can also find me going to loads of different tech conferences or learning about lots of different technologies!

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Project of Enterpreneur 🚣

Even though I haven't started and actual successfull business yet, I cound't be more interested in business and enterpreneurship than I am. The amount of reading, watching and listneing to content related to it that I consume is crazy but just listening is not enough, I also BUILD and lastly, attend to as many events as I get invited to, checkout my last adventure at Forbes 30 under 30 Summit!

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Storyteller 🎀

Tech is my environement but, since I was kid, I loved communicating, I started doing it at stages on theatres as an actor and today I do it in rooms as a speaker for people interested in different topics around tech.

What I've done in public

Big moments and experiences

I'm a firm beleiver that the experiences a person has had define them. We are how we are because of the decission we've made, the places we've gone to and the situations we've been in. Because of that I think that in order to understand how I am, the best thing to do is see the big experiences I've had recently! Here you have the ones I consider the most important:

Silicon Valley

I recently had the chance to travel to San Francisco and explore the cool bits of Silicon Valley while attending to amazing conference and events such as Github Universe!

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Forbes 30u30 Summit

After getting into the Forbes Scholar scheme I got invited to the last 30 under 30 summit where I could reunite with some amazing friends and meet lots of new ones!

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Running a society is not the easiest thing in the world. But it all make sense when you get to see more than 250 people and amazing tech companies involved in an amazing event where we all hack together!

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Being in love with their people, their culture and after having studied their language for a bit... I had to go to China! That's why last summer I decided to spend a couple of months in cities as Hong Kong or Guangzhou.

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